Dementia-Friendly Golf Sessions Put Fun At The “Fore”

Here's a lovely guest blog from the Alzheimer's Society following a recent visit to see the special work we're doing to support families living with dementia. Recently, Programme Partnerships Officer Steven McFadyen visited people with dementia who enjoy playing sport and being active together. He is looking to support leisure centres, gyms and sports clubs... Continue Reading →

Alzheimer’s and Dementia are not Contagious – The Only Thing You Will Catch is a Hug

It's deeply frustrating that our "media giants" recently published "sensational headlines" about how you can potentially contract dementia through blood transfusions and surgery. The level of risk is so minimal and unproven that it's not even worth media time. I suppose it's true that "bad news sells". I suppose there's no chance of them running... Continue Reading →

The Dementia Firing Line

  The dementia gun is loaded - our ageing population is the prime target for this terrible disease. How are we going to help them "dodge" the dementia bullet? The headline quote from Terry Pratchett sums up the issues we face as a society. Terry's life was recently taken by dementia. We must try and... Continue Reading →

Golf Days Out – Helping People Living with Dementia

Imagine if there was a service that combined physical, mental & social stimulation, tailored to the individual needs of every customer living with dementia? Imagine if it was delivered in beautiful natural surroundings by compassionate people who wanted to make a positive contribution to their local community? Imagine if they could do it whilst playing... Continue Reading →

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