The Future Of The Golf Experience

Welcome to Episode 4 of Golf in Society podcast! In this episode, join host Anthony as he sits down with Will Hewitt, the General Manager of the 59 Club. Anthony and Will dive into an intriguing discussion about the importance of providing first-class customer experiences in the golf industry. They explore how hospitality venues can enhanceContinue reading “The Future Of The Golf Experience”

Golf in Society: Enriching Lives and Building Community in North East England

Golf in Society in the North East is providing a supportive community for individuals living with Parkinson’s disease, Dementia, and people facing physical and mental health concerns. Golf has long been a popular sport, captivating enthusiasts with its competitive nature, elegant swings, and picturesque landscapes. However, in recent years, golf has transcended mere recreation toContinue reading “Golf in Society: Enriching Lives and Building Community in North East England”

Residential Care Home Golf Activities

Are you looking to bring joy and fun to the residents of your care home? Golf in Society is revolutionising the way seniors are able to enjoy golf. We design and deliver enjoyable golf sessions for residents of care homes, allowing them to experience the fun and social benefits of playing golf in a safeContinue reading “Residential Care Home Golf Activities”

Edith – Britain’s Oldest Golfer

Could Edith be Britain’s Oldest Golfer? We reckon one of our lovely participants, Edith Camp is Britain’s oldest golfer – at the grand age of 101. She regularly joins our hour-long golf sessions at Newton House Care Home in East Renfrewshire near Glasgow and participates in our sessions which are not only great fun butContinue reading “Edith – Britain’s Oldest Golfer”

Research Proves How Golf in Society is Transforming Lives

Since I started my social mission six years ago I’ve struggled to get Health & Social Care stakeholders on board. The biggest issue has been the lack of evidence on the impact Golf in Society has on people’s lives. Last year I was lucky enough to be accepted onto Sheffield Hallam University’s Wellbeing Accelerator programme.Continue reading “Research Proves How Golf in Society is Transforming Lives”

Time to Relax for Unpaid Carers – part two

Following on from Linda’s blog about the first day of their recent “Time to Relax” leisure break, I’m delighted to share the second half of Linda’s story with you. So Linda, it’s over to you to take us through day two.. Linda Barnes – Wife to Carer I’m getting some breakfast juice. I return toContinue reading “Time to Relax for Unpaid Carers – part two”

Can a common goal be the catalyst to new relationships?

Guest Blog – Written by Aidan Carswell I believe it is. So where did It all start? My journey started when I was 11, both of my parents worked full time and as a result I spent a lot of my time after school around at friends houses or childminders, I loved it. It openedContinue reading “Can a common goal be the catalyst to new relationships?”

The George Haydon Cup

For those of you like me who cannot imagine a day without sport in your life, you’ll quickly realise why meeting George and his wife Gillian was a very special day in my life. George passed away recently but has left me, and many others, with some very special memories that will last a lifetime.Continue reading “The George Haydon Cup”

Join The Club – Golf In Society Leads The Way

The last place many families living with dementia would think of going for an enjoyable day out would be their local golf club. An uncomfortable truth for the golf industry is that public perceptions of golf clubs remain unchanged despite numerous campaigns to change them. That’s why we’re so proud of leading the way inContinue reading “Join The Club – Golf In Society Leads The Way”