The Dementia Care Journey

  When a dementia diagnosis is finally confirmed it has a devastating impact on the whole family. The support families receive immediately after diagnosis varies from excellent to "here's a leaflet with some people you can ring". Overall the initial support is tragically inadequate and erratic across the UK. Getting the right support in place during... Continue Reading →

Playing Golf Improves Lives

For as long as golf has been played, the game has meant different things to different golfers. While a professional might brood about a round requiring 75 shots, an everyday hacker might take great delight in shooting an 18-hole score of 95. Why the difference? It’s all about the mental approach. Golf is, superficially, a... Continue Reading →

Spare A Thought For Dementia Carers

Next time you think you've had a tough day - Spare a thought for dementia carers who spend every day of their lives coping with the challenges this devastating disease throws at them. When I began helping families living with dementia I completed underestimated the power of respite breaks. Providing carers with a few hours to themselves just so... Continue Reading →


I lost my dad to cancer eight years ago. He was a keen golfer. Some of our best times were spent playing golf and socialising afterwards – priceless memories. He remains my inspiration… Source: Inspiration

Discover Your Happy Place

Have you ever looked around you recently to see how miserable everyone looks? Have you smiled at someone and received a puzzled or dismissive facial expression? Every day we witness people going th… Source: Discover Your Happy Place

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