Golf In Society Beats The Big Freeze

In a week that saw the country come to a halt because of freezing conditions and a sprinkling of snow it was heartening to know that two of our three golf sessions went ahead.

The snow got the better of us in Glasgow but we came back strongly in Harrogate with a bumper turnout of 25 golfers. Considering the frozen greens and icy conditions the quality of play and camaraderie was a joy to behold.

Freezing fog and temperatures of – 8 degrees looked certain to keep our golfers off the course at Lincoln on Thursday – but they were having none of it as they were determined to venture out and play a few holes.

For those of you that have played golf on a frosted course you will know what I mean when I say it’s more like a game of “ping-pong”, especially around the greens. A perfectly hit approach shot bounces twenty feet in the air off the frosted grass and disappears into the bushes never to be seen again. Playing from a bunker becomes more like hitting a shot off a concrete or tarmac surface. Putting becomes tricky as your ball gathers ice and becomes a mini snow ball as it heads (ever slower) towards the hole. Golf is a hard enough game to play at the best of times – let alone frosty conditions.

So some of you will say – why did you bother taking golfers living with dementia & Parkinson’s out in such conditions? The answer is simple.

No matter what the weather the carers need their weekly break. Our golfers look forward to it as they see it as the highlight of their week. So it’s our job to find a way, whenever possible to keep to our commitment of providing weekly sessions for the families we support. Our experience and expertise allows us to adapt to most challenges thrown at us and still deliver an enjoyable and rewarding session.

Keeping this commitment is much easier when you have people really enjoying themselves and overcoming challenges to make sure they get the most from their day out. I remember once on a rainy day suggesting that we might not venture out onto the course – my golfers were having none of it as they pulled on their waterproofs and headed out for their “weekly golfing fix”.

So when you reflect on the fact that despite the icy conditions and low temperatures we’ve still managed to give over 30 golfers the chance to have a great day out, and the carers a priceless break too, you can see why my team have a “Ready Break glow” around them knowing what a difference they’ve made to people’s lives this week.

Golf In Society proved this week how you can take on the big freeze and prevail.

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Our vision is to improve the health and wellbeing of local communities by introducing them to wonderful world of golf.

3 thoughts on “Golf In Society Beats The Big Freeze

  1. I wondered if you have contacted any of the professional golfers to support what you are doing? Like Roreyfor example? Or any of the Golf writers or the announcers over in the United States?
    There must me men and women pros whose lives have been touched by this disease who would support spreading the word about your amazing program?

    1. Hi Debbie. You are spot on with your feedback and it’s much appreciated. As we grow you will see how your crucial feedback has shaped our future. Take care & sincere thanks for your kind words.

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