Feedback on the support we provide for partners too – September 2020

Another great day Anthony. Thank you so much. It was obvious when we arrived that the guys had had a good time. Lovely to see them laughing and joking. He was still talking about it in the evening! It is also such a lovely break for me“… wife of golfer.

A mum’s reply to my update on her son’s progress – Sept 2020

“Thanks for letting me know how Stuart is doing. Thank you for what you are doing l know he really enjoys it and it helps with his strength in his legs and arms and also with his speech. Thank you. Chris “

Member feedback on Stirling golf day – Sept 2020

Member feedback – Stirling GC September 2020

Dementia Forward – July 2020
” Working with Golf in Society has been extremely inspiring for our clients at a time of difficulty and social isolation. Anthony has made activities available in a way that is fun and accessible, but also suited our needs. We have been able to share a sporting experience and realise a new way of collaborative working.”

Quote from John @ Rudding Park – May 2019

“I had never played golf before and Golf In Society has introduced me to a sport I really enjoy. The days are brilliantly organised, the facilities are excellent and the camaraderie among the other people who are going through what I’m having to deal with is fantastic”

“They are one of the very few occasions I mix with other Parkinson’s sufferers. The sessions have introduced me to new friends and provided a comforting, inclusive environment at a potentially quite lonely time”

“I can’t think of a better activity for people with Parkinson’s to do. It gets you out, you meet a load of really decent people dealing with the same challenges as you and everyone is welcome. You have a laugh. And occasionally, very, very occasionally, you hit a shot that makes you feel a million dollars. Oh, and did I mention the winning…..”

Quote from Martin @ Rudding Park – May 2019

“I thought my golfing days were over until I joined the Harrogate Parkinson’s Group and discovered the golf sessions. The golf is amazing and the group so friendly. It’s like another family , all with the same interest in golf.” – Martin

Quote from Claire @ Rudding Park – May 2019

“After three years of being a buddy for the Harrogate Parkinson’s golf group I can thoroughly recommend it as a very positive way of giving something back to a sport I love.

The reward of seeing the enthusiasm and commitment from the Parkinson’s participants is beyond worth particularly as many were very hesitant to join in at first. The elation on their faces when they hit a good shot and make a contribution to their team makes every single minute of volunteering worthwhile”

Alzheimer’s Society


BEN H – Son of Norman who we introduced to golf

“Anthony – you radically changed for the better the last 18months of my Dad’s life after he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s – and for that my family and I will be eternally grateful. Best of luck with the future of Golf in Society, no-one will believe how good it is until they see it for themselves! You deserve all the funding you can possibly get.


“Initially, when I floated my ideas for a new golf programme, two totally unconnected people in the field separately recommended that I make contact with Anthony. First and foremost, it was important that our participants had a positive experience, so we were delighted to have an opportunity to benefit from Anthony’s experience and counsel when setting up our programme.”
Dr Sonia Fihosy
Lead Psychologist at Mytime Active

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Here’s what the golfers living with dementia have told us about their days out……………….


“I love the company and the banter – I’ve had an awful game of golf today but it didn’t matter.”

“It’s being outside in the fresh air and being able to participate.”

“Keeping up with the golf is tremendous – still being able to do it.”

“I find speaking hard from the illness – I can’t get the words – so this is important as I practice my talking – and here it doesn’t matter we are all similar.”

“Camaraderie – the golf gets me to do things for other people – it’s a great thing – we help each other – it keeps me going.”

“There’s a real sense of community here and it’s physical the golf ….. good for you.”

“It helps my wife – it gives her time of her own – a good break – I’ve won a couple of trophies – it all has the purpose of making you feel better.”

Their carers are equally positive ……………………

“He wasn’t a golfer but now he rarely misses a shot and absolutely enjoys it…………. It’s the only time he comes out.”

“He was so excited after the first session that he’d be able to play again, it’s nice to see him doing what he loved to do.”

“I can’t get him to a day centre but I can’t stop him coming here”

“We (the other wives) meet up for a chat and a coffee, we’ve made new friends and we meet up outside too”

“It allows me to be at work – I am not worried about him being here – I’m very reluctant to let him go to a lot of places but I am confident when he is here – I don’t worry.”

“It’s good here, he’s got early onset and there’s nothing for younger ones but he’s helped to fit in and he helps the others.”

“It gives him his own social life ……….. he says it’s my thing’ where he feels he’s not reliant on other people so gives him a sense of independence rather than illness”

“The best way of describing it is that it makes him buoyant, he lights up when he comes here, it brings him alive again.”

“He also has Parkinson’s and when he putts he’s not shaking so much”

“He always remembers the golf whereas he doesn’t remember other things”

“This gives him an enormous sense of pride. He will polish his golf clubs and look after his golf shoes, it gives him a sense of purpose.”

“They help each other on the golf course so you have this chap with dementia helping another chap with dementia…..they know how each other feels.”

“He’s happier and he’s more relaxed so I am more relaxed, it’s priceless from my point of view to see him happy and doing something as he was always so active.”

“To see the look on his face when he did play golf again, was an experience that will stay with me for a long time.”

“Dear Anthony
 Just saying thank you really doesn’t come anywhere close to what you have
done for us both today. To see Norman so animated and happy was fantastic
and to have 2 hours to myself without worrying if he was OK was sheer
luxury. His trophy is in pride of place on the mantelpiece and will have
tinsel added for Christmas!!

 He is looking forward to coming again in the New Year and has new golf
shoes to look the part.
 Have a wonderful Christmas.
 With love and an enormous THANK YOU

17th December 2015

Amazing Feedback from Diane – Mike has been playing golf with me for six weeks….  Priceless.

Testimonial letter from the wife ad carer of one of our golfers.

A special thanks from Hillary – She cares for her husband, Nick was recommended our service by the Alzheimer’s Society in Lincoln.

“It was wonderful to meet you yesterday….you took my husband Nicholas on a round of golf at Thorpe on the Hill golf Club. He was thrilled and I’m printing off some of the pics to put in a memory book of recent events for him.
Nicholas has remembered the event this morning and he’ll be keeping hold of the golf ball you gave him to help remind him of the day”
“Hope to see you next week, Thurs at 10.30am”
Golfer with dementia and his wife who cares for him smiling at the camera along with Anthony blackburn, the founder of golf in society.
A special thanks from Louise Roberts – Alzheimer’s Society Activity co-ordinator – Lincoln
Anthony Blackburn founder of golf in society with his arms around a golfer with dementia and his wife and carer. all smiling at the camera.
George – pictured above was invited to join us this week – he had a great time – not only did he enjoy his golf, he made some new friends and became a member of our “High Five” golf team.
Here’s the feedback from Louise

“WOW … what a fantastic outcome.  It was a privilege to be part of such a wonderful and fulfilling event, so thankyou for involving me in your project.

If you could please email me the pictures and any feedback as soon as possible that would be very much appreciated as they are asking me already how the event was received, by the beneficiaries, and these would be really useful to include with my next report.

To see the look on Michaels face when he did play golf again, was an experience that will stay with me for a long time.  Not to mention George who came alone but said he had a great experience and couldn’t believe the welcome he has received, and of course Nick who couldn’t stop thanking his wife for bringing him ..  I was genuinely touched by the whole experience.” 


Beth – Primary Care Navigator – Age UK

“Morning Anthony,

I have spoken to Diane and Michael and he said he really enjoyed the golf and is looking to forward to coming back. Michael is currently in respite care and will be hopefully back to the group next week.

 I am going to speak to my colleagues and see if they are interested in popping along to see the golf group and find out more about what you do, and will be in touch shortly about that if that’s ok?  Thank you”

Danny Walsh, Senior Lecturer (Mental Health Nursing) – University of Lincoln


“This is a marvellous initiative which is likely to make a significant and very positive impact upon the lives of those people living with dementia and their carers who take part in it. The university both supports and is proud to be a part of this venture.”


“The concept of the ‘Golf in Society – Golf days out’ is well thought out and makes complete good sense for people living with dementia and their carers. It will provide exercise, activity, socialisation and cognitive stimulation to those participating in the golfing and much need respite and a support group and social event for carers. There is a good research evidence base for interventions such as these significantly helping people maintain their capabilities and achieve satisfaction in the face of the dementia. People with dementia are often overlooked and written off but this venture will provide them with the opportunity to prove otherwise and have fun in the process. As a university we will be supporting this venture because we recognise its value for the participants but it also represents a marvellous opportunity for our nursing students to join in and gain a valuable insight into dementia and its impact but more importantly to realise the potential that people living with dementia still have. We will also be evaluating it and researching its impact for all involved in order to validate its significance and potential”

“Lincoln University will be evaluating this venture and the city should be proud that its happening here first. We will be undertaking research into its effectiveness from an academic and medical point of view, but I have seen the pleasure and the grins on the faces of the participants and that’s about as good an evaluation as you can get”

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