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Every time we run a golf session the positive impact we have on people’s lives is clear to see.

Social Impact

Demonstrating our Social Impact and Social Return on Investment is crucial. Since we started six years ago we’ve delivered over 2000 golf sessions for families facing challenges later in life.

During this time we’ve worked extremely hard to build a compelling, indisputable evidence base as to why our social enterprise is such a great investment for stakeholders working in the Healthy Ageing economy.

I’m going to start by sharing and example of the DIRECT SOCIAL IMPACT and SOCIAL RETURN ON INVESTMENT report we produce every month. As you can see the £16.46 of direct social value we deliver for every £1 invested is very impressive.

Infographic showing Golf in Society's direct social impact on communities and healthy ageing stakeholders.
Our Current Statistics
Infographic showing Golf in Society's impact per session of the service user. 90 minutes of exercise, 27 decisions per shot, average steps 1010, average social interactions 33, sessions delivered.
Our Impact Per Session

And finally, here’s a summary of our social impact for 2022. As you can see the return on investment continues to increase towards our target of £20 for every £1 invested in the delivery of our golf sessions.

Watch More Than A Game

More Than A Game is the incredible short film on how golf is helping transform the lives of two ex-professional footballers living with dementia.
Club record goal scorer, Jim Hague, and towering centre back, Fergus Donaldson are now in their 60s and 70s, but need no introduction to any seasoned Harrogate Town FC fan.
Their heart-warming story brings attention to the link between dementia and football that affects not just world winning heroes like Bobby and Jack Charlton, but also potentially thousands of ex-professionals from that era and how golf can be a solution to the growing dementia crisis.

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