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Welcome to the first ever Golf in Society Podcast! 🎙

Series one – Carers Conversations

We intend to give unpaid carers a voice!

By having conversations about the challenges facing carers, their experiences with referral processes, to navigating the complexities of the NHS, we will use their voices to shape the future of the support they receive.

“I did these conversations to get a true insight into life at the coalface of dementia, and to show how we’re incorporating carers voices into Reimagining Golf Clubs at the Heart of Healthy Ageing.”

Anthony Blackburn – Founder of Golf in Society

Why are we doing this podcast series?

The insights we gain in our conversations with unpaid carers are extremely valuable in helping us to co-design our services.

It is our belief that the voices of our unpaid carers should be incorporated into the design process of not just our support services, but support services all across the globe.

That is why we have decided to share these insights with the global community, because they deserve to be heard.

We also understand that caring for a loved one living with a diagnosis can feel very isolating, and we hope that in sharing our conversations with unpaid carers, others may find comfort, support, and reassurance that they are not alone.

Episode one – Linda Barnes – From Wife to Carer

In this episode Anthony sits down for a conversation with Linda Barnes, wife and carer to one of our Golf in Society participants. Linda is also the author of an incredible daily blog, Telling Tales, where she gives society an insight into her world caring for her husband who is living with young onset Alzheimer’s disease. 

Listen in as we gain a small insight into Linda & Ken’s world, from Linda herself. Followed by a chat about Co-designing a better future for families living with dementia.

We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the topics discussed in this podcast.

Please leave a comment & share our podcast.

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  1. When I first volunteered with GIS we had a good golf session with people both men and women. My thoughts after the session was how do the carers cope 24 hours a day with their loved ones who have dementia and related issues. My heart goes out to them as they are all stars, and more should be done to help them. WB

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