Research Proves How Golf in Society is Transforming Lives

Since I started my social mission six years ago I’ve struggled to get Health & Social Care stakeholders on board. The biggest issue has been the lack of evidence on the impact Golf in Society has on people’s lives. Last year I was lucky enough to be accepted onto Sheffield Hallam University’s Wellbeing Accelerator programme.Continue reading “Research Proves How Golf in Society is Transforming Lives”

Time to Relax for Unpaid Carers – part two

Following on from Linda’s blog about the first day of their recent “Time to Relax” leisure break, I’m delighted to share the second half of Linda’s story with you. So Linda, it’s over to you to take us through day two.. Linda Barnes – Wife to Carer I’m getting some breakfast juice. I return toContinue reading “Time to Relax for Unpaid Carers – part two”

Can a common goal be the catalyst to new relationships?

Guest Blog – Written by Aidan Carswell I believe it is. So where did It all start? My journey started when I was 11, both of my parents worked full time and as a result I spent a lot of my time after school around at friends houses or childminders, I loved it. It openedContinue reading “Can a common goal be the catalyst to new relationships?”

Join The Club – Golf In Society Leads The Way

The last place many families living with dementia would think of going for an enjoyable day out would be their local golf club. An uncomfortable truth for the golf industry is that public perceptions of golf clubs remain unchanged despite numerous campaigns to change them. That’s why we’re so proud of leading the way inContinue reading “Join The Club – Golf In Society Leads The Way”

More Proof Why Golf Is A Wonder Drug

Who would have know that golf is one of the new wonder drugs. It has the power to reduce chronic illness, improve healthy ageing, reduce loneliness, give people a sense of purpose and reduce the inactivity timebomb facing our nation. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of listening to the attached presentation byContinue reading “More Proof Why Golf Is A Wonder Drug”

Proving that golf is good for carers too

In a week when the focus has been on the challenges facing carers, it’s timely that a research study will start tomorrow at Lincoln Golf Centre to look at the impact our golf sessions have on the lives of carers. Sociology students from The University of Lincoln will be conducting a study into the differenceContinue reading “Proving that golf is good for carers too”

Hole In One Proves Golfing Dreams Can Come True

Walt Disney famously said “if you can dream it, you can do it”. When I started Golf In Society three years ago I never dreamt that my golfers would have three holes in one in a calendar year.  In the golfing world a hole in one is known as an “ace”. On Wednesday at RuddingContinue reading “Hole In One Proves Golfing Dreams Can Come True”

Dementia-Friendly Golf Sessions Put Fun At The “Fore”

Here’s a lovely guest blog from the Alzheimer’s Society following a recent visit to see the special work we’re doing to support families living with dementia. Recently, Programme Partnerships Officer Steven McFadyen visited people with dementia who enjoy playing sport and being active together. He is looking to support leisure centres, gyms and sports clubsContinue reading “Dementia-Friendly Golf Sessions Put Fun At The “Fore””

Golf Goes Head To Head With Dementia

This article was recently featured by the National Carers Association in their newsletter that goes to over 2000 people involved in the independent care sector. I hope you enjoy the read. Dementia is a growing crisis in society. In this special report, we look at Anthony Blackburn, social entrepreneur and the founder of Golf inContinue reading “Golf Goes Head To Head With Dementia”

Golf Finally On The Health Agenda

It’s taken a long time to get golf onto the health agenda of policy makers. Today we finally got a great mention during “Health Questions” in Parliament. A few weeks ago I was invited by the golf & health project to present our work to health minister Steve Brine at Wentworth. Steve was very impressedContinue reading “Golf Finally On The Health Agenda”