Golf gives a sense of purpose to dementia lives.

I find it tragic that so many golfers are forced to give up the game they love when diagnosed with dementia. I can understand why, but that doesn’t make it acceptable. Put yourself in the shoes of a golfer who has just been diagnosed, which I often do. Trying to deal with the devastating newsContinue reading “Golf gives a sense of purpose to dementia lives.”

Putting Golf Into Parkinson’s Lives

It’s amazing how a journey can start. Two years ago as a caregiver,  I was visiting one of my Parkinson’s clients in Harrogate. Whilst getting him ready to go to his exercise class I was chatting with his wife. Somehow we got onto the topic of my social enterprise and the work we had startedContinue reading “Putting Golf Into Parkinson’s Lives”

Putting A Sparkle Back Into A Dementia Life

  Who would have thought that getting a little white ball into a little white hole could bring so much pleasure? This is a great video from one of our golf days that proves that when you “re-ignite a golfing life” how much pleasure it brings to someone who thought their golfing days were over.Continue reading “Putting A Sparkle Back Into A Dementia Life”

Preparing For A Life With Dementia

According to current predictions there’s a ONE in THREE chance that everyone over 65 will develop dementia. The average life expectancy once diagnosed with dementia is seven years. Now here’s the question, If you only had seven years left to live how would you spend them? Hopefully you’re one of the lucky ones that livesContinue reading “Preparing For A Life With Dementia”

Fantastic Fundraiser For Dementia Golf

For pioneering dementia work like ours it can be really challenging to get the support you need to make your social dream a reality. However, when you get support from two extremely influential people in the golfing world – it truly is priceless. Thanks a million – you’re helping us keep golf in people’s livesContinue reading “Fantastic Fundraiser For Dementia Golf”

The Dementia Care Journey (revisited)

When I read about the “Building Dementia Pathways” conference yesterday it sparked my memory about a blog I wrote some time ago titled “The Dementia Care Journey”. I didn’t realise how long ago it was written! However, what struck me most about the original blog is that the ideas and proposals are even more relevantContinue reading “The Dementia Care Journey (revisited)”

Time To Deliver The Person-Centred Care Promise

When buying products and services, we all like to be treated as an individual whose custom is genuinely appreciated by the company we purchase from.. There’s no reason to expect any less when arranging care for our loved ones… but we do. Person-centred care is considered by most health and social care stakeholders to be the best wayContinue reading “Time To Deliver The Person-Centred Care Promise”

Golfing Memories Survive The Ravages of Dementia

I visited Mike last week. He was one of my first clients to join us for the dementia golf days in Lincoln. Mike’s wife had to make the difficult decision to move him into full time care. The symptoms of his Parkinson’s & dementia became too challenging for him to live at home. We kept myContinue reading “Golfing Memories Survive The Ravages of Dementia”

The Unsung Heroes Of Society

  At last, the amazing and inspirational work being done in our communities by carers and volunteers has been recognised in The Queen’s Speech. They are the unsung heroes of society as they strive to improve the lives of the disadvantaged and vulnerable in our communities. Did you know that £119 billion of unpaid care is provided every yearContinue reading “The Unsung Heroes Of Society”