Hole In One Proves Golfing Dreams Can Come True

Walt Disney famously said “if you can dream it, you can do it”. When I started Golf In Society three years ago I never dreamt that my golfers would have three holes in one in a calendar year.  In the golfing world a hole in one is known as an “ace”.

On Wednesday at Rudding Park, Brenda became our third golfer to ace a hole. She hit a lovely 7 iron and one bounce later it was in the hole. For those of you that have achieved and ace you will know the sheer joy of the moment.

Brenda got the chance to sign the “hole in one hall of fame” book in the clubhouse, her name and achievement etched into golfing history for all to see. The wonderful memories of the day will stay with her for a lifetime.

For the golfers reading this you will know that some people play for a lifetime and never get a hole in one. To know that we’ve had three this year is nothing short of a minor miracle. This achievement is even more amazing when you consider that one of my hole in one golfers had never picked up a golf club before he joined us two years ago.

Rob, my first “hole in one hero” this year is a great example of how golf can transform a life. Rob has been diagnosed with PD and is challenged to control his movement and maintain his balance.

He was referred to us by a Parkinson’s nurse at Harrogate hospital. Improving muscle strength, balance and co-ordination are important aspects of living well with this neurological disease.

When Rob joined us we worked on his balance, posture and movement control. Once his confidence grew we introduced him to the golf swing. Building this confidence to swing a golf club was crucial. Interestingly, the more he concentrated on the golf swing the more controlled his movement became.

Here’s a photo of Rob preparing to swing a club during his first golf day with us.


Rob has now been golfing with us for just over two years and has already achieved the incredible feat of having a hole in one. He now has his own set of clubs and trolley that he brings to every session. Rob would never have discovered how much golf had to offer him without programmes like ours. He’s so grateful for the support and new purpose we’ve given him.

It’s a perfect example of how a game that is regarded as too difficult for most people can be enjoyed when the right encouragement, coaching and support is made available.

We now have three “hole in one acers” in our golfing family and I’m sure there will be more joining them in the years ahead.

And finally, here’s a great photo of Rob and Brenda celebrating their incredible achievement. Priceless memories.

Hole In One Duo




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