Golf Finally On The Health Agenda

It’s taken a long time to get golf onto the health agenda of policy makers. Today we finally got a great mention during “Health Questions” in Parliament.

A few weeks ago I was invited by the golf & health project to present our work to health minister Steve Brine at Wentworth. Steve was very impressed with our project, especially how we had engaged successfully with vulnerable adults and people who had never considered playing golf.

It was great to get the chance to prove how golf can be used to facilitate healthy ageing, especially in families touched by dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

At a time when policy makers are looking for new ways to integrate health and social care and keep our ageing population living well for longer, it was the perfect opportunity to prove how golf can play it’s part.

Our SINGLE INTERVENTION addresses at least FOUR SOCIAL CHALLENGES, cutting across  four government agendas, health, social, community and sport.

To be more specific…

Our three hour golf sessions improve physical, mental and social wellbeing whilst providing carers with priceless respite support. At present it would take at least four separate interventions to deliver the support that we provide in a single one.

Our single intervention is a fraction of the cost of the current health & care interventions available to families and it delivers higher quality, longer-lasting outcomes..

This is why we are so proud to be proving the power of using golf to facilitate healthy ageing, especially at a time when new thinking and radical approaches are needed to solve the social timebombs facing local communities…

Here’s the link to dialogue in parliament today.

Minister hails health benefits of golf

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