Golf gives a sense of purpose to dementia lives.

I find it tragic that so many golfers are forced to give up the game they love when diagnosed with dementia. I can understand why, but that doesn’t make it acceptable.

Put yourself in the shoes of a golfer who has just been diagnosed, which I often do.

Trying to deal with the devastating news that you have a terminal disease must be hard enough, but to then realise that your golfing days are numbered, especially for a person who’s life has revolved around their local club must be heart-breaking.

Just when their golf club, their “home away from home” needs to show compassion and encouragement that golf can still be enjoyed, all too often the reverse happens.

Too many golfers diagnosed with dementia are leaving the game early because the golf industry has not grasped the issue of how to engage and retain these life-long supporters of golf throughout their dementia journey.

With over 400 dementia golf days successfully delivered, I think we’ve earned the right to have a voice on this issue.

Everyone needs a sense of purpose in life. It’s no different for people with dementia. Arguably it’s even more important.

It’s not just ethically & socially the right thing to do, it’s critical to providing happier & healthier outcomes for families living with dementia. Interestingly, it could also be the lifeline that golf clubs need to survive and thrive.

If you consider that the average age of a club member is about 55 and that one in three people over 65 will develop dementia you can see the potential impact on club membership. However, it also provides a unique opportunity for those clubs willing to embrace dementia.

This week we’ve proved our commitment to transforming this tragic situation by supporting dementia golfers in Lincoln, Harrogate & Glasgow to have a great day out at their local golf club, just like they did before dementia came knocking at their door.

The good news is that golf clubs are busier and families are happier as a result of hosting & embracing our golf days.

When you watch the videos below you will see why our work is so rewarding and why we’re so passionate about educating the golf industry to embrace dementia across the UK aand beyond.

Golf is proving to be that sense of purpose that our customers needed in their life.

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  1. Hi. My dad had Alzheimer’s and unfortunately can’t get out as often as he wants as he struggles and we can’t rely on his original buddies as it spoils their enjoyment.. which is understandable.. I’m looking for volunteers that take him out to play.. I can’t as I live far away.. any thoughts on what I could do?
    He lives in Yorkshire

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