Golfing Bonds: a tee-riffic journey of dads and daughters at Golf in Society

As Scotland started to emerge from the first Covid19 lockdown, two daughters Nikki and Anjali learned about Golf in Society and separately approached us about the prospect of their dads commencing our supported golf sessions. They both believed it would be a wonderful way for their fathers to continue enjoying their passion for golf alongside like minded people in a dementia friendly environment .  However, as time passed, they both grew curious about trying out golf themselves and shared a growing interest in the sport.

Initially, they dropped their dads off at our sessions, however they soon considered the prospect of staying with us and trying out golf for themselves. The supportive environment made them feel welcome, and encouraged them to become part of the sessions.  Whilst our volunteer buddies paired up with their dads, Anjali and Nikki mirrored what we were doing in our sessions, and started to get into the swing of things  (quite literally) building their confidence and improving their golf skills. 

As they spent time with us, they became part of the Golf in Society gang getting to know each other, our volunteer buddies and becoming regular fixtures along with the other golfers at our Whitecraigs Golf Club group.  

Their enthusiasm for golf continued to grow over the years, and in 2022 Anjali joined Whitecraigs Golf Club as a ‘Get into Golf’  member followed closely by Nikki in 2023.  This decision not only allowed them to further nurture their new found passion for the sport but also integrated them into a community of new golfers at Whitecraigs Golf Club where their golfing journey will continue as time goes on.

Their journey, from dropping off their dad at our golf groups to becoming members of Whitecraigs Golf Club, is a heartwarming testament to the kindness, hospitality and generosity of Whitecraigs Golf Club and their members and also to the power of golf in forging bonds and creating friendships, even in the face of challenging circumstances.  

“Both myself and my Dad have found these sessions priceless. They are the highlight of my Dad’s week and I love to see him getting a chance to continue to enjoy one of his favourite hobbies in a safe and supported environment.  We have both made many good friends and really appreciate the help and support of the amazing volunteers and organisers.

I have also made a very good friend in Nikki and we share stories about our experiences about  caring for a loved one with Dementia. And the golf is coming along too!”


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  1. Absolutely magnificent I know these two ladies and have watched then hitting some great shots when on the golf range keep it up but no gimmies on the putting green

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