Women in Unpaid Carer Roles: Navigating Challenges and Finding Support in the Workforce

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Golf in Society podcast!

Welcome back to The Golf in Society podcast! In episode 5, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Helen Williams, a remarkable businesswoman from Sheffield and a passionate ambassador for golf in society. Our conversation focused on an important and often overlooked topic: women in unpaid carer roles.

We delved into the impact these roles have on societies’ workforces, challenges faced by women in today’s society, and ways companies can create a better supportive environment.

Join us as we uncover the challenges and explore solutions for improving support for people in unpaid carer roles and the workforce

The Importance of Recognising Unpaid Carer Roles
Anthony and Helen kick-start the conversation by highlighting the crucial role that women play in unpaid carer roles, caring for children, elderly family members, or individuals with disabilities. They shed light on the often invisible burden carried by these women, juggling caregiving responsibilities alongside their careers.

Impacts on Societies’ Workforces:
Helen Williams draws from her own experiences and research to discuss the far-reaching impact of unpaid carer roles on societies’ workforces. She highlights statistics that showcase the significant percentage of women who leave the workforce or reduce their hours due to caregiving duties. This poses challenges both for these individuals’ career progress and for the overall economy.

Challenges Faced by Women in Today’s Society:
The conversation delves into the various challenges faced by women balancing unpaid carer roles and their professional aspirations. Helen and Anthony discuss the societal expectations, stereotypes, and biases that often hinder women from progressing in their careers. They address the lack of flexibility and understanding in the workplace and how it can further exacerbate the struggles faced by women.

Improving Support for People in Unpaid Carer Roles and the Workforce:
In this episode, Helen and Anthony explore actionable steps that companies can take to create a supportive environment for individuals in unpaid carer roles. They discuss the importance of flexible work arrangements, policies that prioritise work-life balance, and fostering a culture of understanding and empathy. Furthermore, they delve into the need for destigmatizing unpaid carer roles and highlighting their value within society.

As we wrap up this thought-provoking episode, it becomes clear that addressing the challenges faced by women in unpaid carer roles is not only crucial for their personal well-being but also for the sustainability and productivity of societies’ workforces. We must strive for inclusive workplaces that provide support and flexibility, allowing individuals to thrive both in their caregiving roles and their careers. Join us as we continue to shed light on important societal issues on future episodes of The Golf in Society podcast.

Listen to Episode 5 of The Golf in Society podcast now to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by women in unpaid carer roles and explore strategies to improve support for both unpaid carers and the workforce.

A Special Thank You To Helen!
Helen Williams wearing Golf in Society Cap

Helen Williams is the most incredible Ambassador for Golf in Society, raising funds and awareness for many years.

To learn more about Helen’s fundraising efforts Click Here

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