Research Proves How Golf in Society is Transforming Lives

Since I started my social mission six years ago I’ve struggled to get Health & Social Care stakeholders on board. The biggest issue has been the lack of evidence on the impact Golf in Society has on people’s lives.

Last year I was lucky enough to be accepted onto Sheffield Hallam University’s Wellbeing Accelerator programme. It’s purpose was to support start-ups working in the healthy ageing space to scale. Each start-up received a package of support and access to an amazing group of mentors.

When asked “how can we best support you?” the answer was simple. I requested a research study into the impact our golf sessions were having on the lives of the families we were supporting.

Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, I’m pleased to say that the Impact Study has now been published. The qualitative and quantitative data is compelling evidence of how we transform lives.

To have a leading sports research institute produce this report will prove to be a game-changer for Golf in Society. It’s provided us with the vital evidence and credibility we lacked to engage successfully with Health & Social Care stakeholders.

Here’s the infographics that highly the key findings from the research.

  1. Impact on Carers

2. Impact on participants according to carers

3. Impact on participants

This research has provided us with the “missing link” and will act as a springboard to get our pioneering social enterprise adopted more widely across the UK, taking us a step closer to making our social mission a reality.

Six years ago I sensed we could transform lives through golf, now we have the indisputable evidence to back up that gut-instinct.

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