Personalising Dementia Support


We are all individuals and like to receive personal service and attention. We dislike being “just another face in the crowd” or a “number in the queue”.

When you’re diagnosed with dementia, the need for personalised service  becomes even more important. What excites and inspires one person can disappoint and upset another. It’s a very fine line that dementia carers and service providers have to walk.

Get it right and it’s one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Get it wrong and it can be traumatic for everyone involved.


Unlike many healthcare solutions, you can’t just prescribe a standard treatment plan for dementia. With public sector resources being stretched to breaking point, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to deliver quality and personalised support that improves the lives of families living with this devastating disease.


If we are really serious about delivering “life enhancing” services, then we need to start embracing more of the amazing work being done out there by social enterprises. Their services and products are being developed with “real people” in mind, going through one of the most devastating times of their lives.

I’m proud to say that personalised, dignified and compassionate delivery is at the heart of everything we do at Golf In Society. Our customers seem to like what we do – and we love it too….


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