Seasonal Greetings To Families Living With Dementia

Red christmas candlestick over holiday decorations on the table

Please take a moment to reflect on the headline…..

There are millions of people out there that have no idea how hard it can be to make Christmas special for a person living with dementia.


Whilst the majority of families settle into the cosiness of the festive season, the challenges of life go on for those touched by dementia.

At this time of year they need our love, support, compassion and friendship more than ever….

Sadly, dementia is here to stay and will touch thousands of more families every Christmas.


We don’t mention this to dampen your spirits – but we do so to make you understand how important it is to reach out and show support and compassion this festive season.

It’s the most precious gift you can give this Christmas… and beyond

The beauty is it costs nothing, is sincerely appreciated and eternally priceless

Merry Christmas to you all….



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