Partnership Working – Together We Can Tackle Dementia

As a Social Entrepreneur,  making a positive contribution to peoples lives is what inspires me to keep going through adversity, set-backs, disappointments and apathy. When you meet like-minded people and develop exciting new partnerships it's like "winning the social enterprise lottery" The partnership recently forged with Lincoln University is a prime example of how it can bring your "social vision" one step closer to becoming a... Continue Reading →

Measuring Social Impact

What value would you put on burning 2000 extra calories? What's the value of making a new friend?  What's the value of a smile? What's the value of deferring professional care for a elderly person by one year? What's the value of a twenty minute conversation? What's the value of three hours respite care? Whilst... Continue Reading →

Social Entrepreneurs leading the way to a better life for our Golden Generation

Our politicians are doing a lot of talking about social change. After spending two days at an amazing seminar with fellow "Social Entrepreneurs" it's crystal clear that we are already  "walking the walk" in social change. When you hear how so many vulnerable people are being supported by these inspirational people and their services -... Continue Reading →

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