Measuring Social Impact


What value would you put on burning 2000 extra calories? What’s the value of making a new friend?  What’s the value of a smile? What’s the value of deferring professional care for a elderly person by one year? What’s the value of a twenty minute conversation? What’s the value of three hours respite care?

Whilst the questions may be straight forward, putting a social and economic value behind each one is not so simple. There are so many positive benefits to be evaluated and so many savings to be quantified.

For instance, a person diagnosed with dementia enjoying a two hour golf session burns about 1000 calories, has 20 conversations, meets 3 new people, spends time in the fresh air, learns new skills, makes 200 decisions, gives the carer two hours of respite, stimulates at least ten memories – to name but a few of the benefits.

On the other side of the equation is all the savings produced by keeping a person living independently and reducing their need for professional care.

If you put all of these outcomes into an equation, the sum of the total outcomes is amazing.

That’s exactly what we’re launching today. This measurement tool has been developed by Lincoln University to help us prove that “Life is better so much better for everyone when you’re golfing”.

We’ll publish our first outcomes here very soon. Can’t wait!!

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