Social Entrepreneurs leading the way to a better life for our Golden Generation


Our politicians are doing a lot of talking about social change. After spending two days at an amazing seminar with fellow “Social Entrepreneurs” it’s crystal clear that we are already  “walking the walk” in social change.

When you hear how so many vulnerable people are being supported by these inspirational people and their services – it makes you realise that social entrepreneurship is the way to create better societies.

This does not undermine all the fantastic work being done by the public sector – but they cannot “personalise the service” in the way that we can.

poor care

It’s clear that social entrepreneurs want to fill the “gaps and niches” that exist in health & social care. These gaps are widening into “chasms & crevasses” into which our most vulnerable and disadvantaged are in danger of falling in.

Listening to, and learning about some of the amazing people and services out there, restores your faith in humanity.

The answer to a better a society is clear – first class health & social care provided by the public sector, intertwined with personalised care services delivered by social enterprise.

Sounds like the perfect partnership!!!

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