An Amazing Day Helping Families Living With Dementia


Imagine this – you are told you will never play the game you love again. Mike, a past captain and 9 handicapper was told this when he was diagnosed with dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Yesterday something ignited that “golf spark” in his body.

When Mike first arrived at Lincoln Golf Centre for his Golf Day Out, he thought he would only stay for a couple of shots and go home because it “wasn’t for him”.

An hour later he was saying ” I could stay here and play until midnight”. What a transformation.

Something had sparked his love of golf back to life. Was it the fresh air?, was it the chat with his fellow golfers?, was it remembering how good he was at playing the game?

Whatever it was, his love of golf was rekindled in his spirit. He played beautifully!!


There’s many more people like Mike out there who just need to be shown how golf can still play an important part in their life. All they need is the help and support to re-discover that passion. That’s what we did for Mike yesterday.

It was a genuine pleasure – and truly rewarding to meet Mike and give him the belief that golf can stay in his life forever.


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