Amazing Golf Day Out with my New Dementia Friends


What an amazing first day we had at Lincoln Golf Centre. It was a real pleasure to meet my new “golfing buddies” and their carers. It’s good to know that our service is improving lives through golf. Here’s some feedback from our customers.

A special thanks from Hillary – She cares for her husband, Nick was recommended our service by the Alzheimer’s Society in Lincoln.

“It was wonderful to meet you yesterday….you took my husband Nicholas on a round of golf at Thorpe on the Hill golf Club. He was thrilled and I’m printing off some of the pics to put in a memory book of recent events for him.
Nicholas has remembered the event this morning and he’ll be keeping hold of the golf ball you gave him to help remind him of the day”
“Hope to see you next week, Thurs at 10.30am”
A special thanks from Louise Roberts – Alzheimer’s Society Activity co-ordinator – Lincoln
George – pictured above was invited to join us this week – he had a great time – not only did he enjoy his golf, he made some new friends and became a member of our “High Five” golf team.
Here’s the feedback from Louise

“WOW … what a fantastic outcome.  It was a privilege to be part of such a wonderful and fulfilling event, so thankyou for involving me in your project.

If you could please email me the pictures and any feedback as soon as possible that would be very much appreciated as they are asking me already how the event was received, by the beneficiaries, and these would be really useful to include with my next report.

To see the look on Michaels face when he did play golf again, was an experience that will stay with me for a long time.  Not to mention George who came alone but said he had a great experience and couldn’t believe the welcome he has received, and of course Nick who couldn’t stop thanking his wife for bringing him ..  I was genuinely touched by the whole experience.” 


A truly amazing and emotional day for us all. It’s great when your vision becomes a reality and you bring happiness into people’s lives.


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