Dementia Poem of the Day

Remember these words when helping people with dementia - You'll be amazed at the difference it will make to them and their lives. I CAN STILL SMELL THE FLOWERS I CAN STILL COMMUNICATE I CAN STILL MAKE DECISIONS I CAN STILL WASH MY FACE I CAN STILL SING I CAN STILL MOVE MY BODY YOU... Continue Reading →

The Devastation of Dementia Diagnosis

Can you imagine how much easier living with dementia would be if there were more services available to families touched by dementia? Just consider this for a moment - tomorrow you receive a call to say that a member of your family has been diagnosed with dementia. What would you do? How would you feel? Who could you... Continue Reading →

Enjoying Life with Dementia

When someone is diagnosed with dementia it can be a devastating time in their lives. Unlike cancer, dementia has no cure or treatment plan. Many people think it's the end of their life. They don't know what to do, which way to turn or who to speak to. The first days after diagnosis are critical... Continue Reading →

The Dementia Firing Line

  The dementia gun is loaded - our ageing population is the prime target for this terrible disease. How are we going to help them "dodge" the dementia bullet? The headline quote from Terry Pratchett sums up the issues we face as a society. Terry's life was recently taken by dementia. We must try and... Continue Reading →

Golf Days Out Pilot starts in Lincoln

  Golf Days Out - a new service aimed at improving the health and happiness of people living with the dementia has launched in Lincoln. It's purpose is to introduce families touched by dementia to find a new lease of life through golf. The service combines physical, mental and social stimulation and is delivered in... Continue Reading →

Let’s make caring a rewarding career

It's a scandal that we cannot care properly for our "Golden Generation". They have contributed so much to our country and provided us with our freedom. They deserve better. Care delivered in fifteen minute packages is not acceptable. The fact that many carers work unsociable hours for minimum wages is why we are failing the... Continue Reading →

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