The Dementia Firing Line



The dementia gun is loaded – our ageing population is the prime target for this terrible disease. How are we going to help them “dodge” the dementia bullet?

The headline quote from Terry Pratchett sums up the issues we face as a society. Terry’s life was recently taken by dementia. We must try and find ways to cure this disease – otherwise it will take more of our loved ones from us.

Maybe we can’t yet – as the disease remains without a cure. However, we can help improve the lives of those living with the dementia.

It’s a proven fact that excercise, mental stimulation and social activity can slow the progression of the disease.

Surely the answer then is to combine the three into personal care packages. It’s got to be personalised as dementia affects everyone differently. What stimulates and excites one, can alienate and upset another.

Finding the right “primary care pathway” for people diagnosed with dementia is crucial – otherwise it will prevail in destroying the quality of life of those touched by the disease.

One critical aspects of the disease that is often overlooked – is the devastating impact it has on the families. That’s why its crucial they get the necessary support, help and advice to cope with the stress and strain of caring for their loved ones.

Coming to terms with losing someone you love whilst they’re still alive can be overwhelming. Seeing your dad, husband, wife or mum become a “stranger in your life” must be heart-breaking.

We’re here to help you through one of the most difficult and emotionally challenging journeys in your life.

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