Alzheimer’s and Dementia are not Contagious – The Only Thing You Will Catch is a Hug


It’s deeply frustrating that our “media giants” recently published “sensational headlines” about how you can potentially contract dementia through blood transfusions and surgery. The level of risk is so minimal and unproven that it’s not even worth media time.

I suppose it’s true that “bad news sells”. I suppose there’s no chance of them running headlines and features about all the great work going on in our communities to make life better for families touched by dementia. That would fall into the “good news” category and probably not even make the paper.

The recent “sensationalist” headlines will have done nothing to help remove the stigma attached to dementia.

However, we, like many others will continue to make a positive contribution to people’s lives that have been devastated by dementia.

The only thing that’s really contagious helping people with dementia is catching their love, smiles, hugs, laughter, happiness and gratitude – That’s what makes it the most rewarding work you can ever do.

Through introducing the wonderful game of golf to families living with dementia, we’re making a positive contribution to their lives – It’s so rewarding!!




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