Dementia & Golf Research Released By University of Lincoln

In a week when the whole world is focussed on taking action to support families living with dementia and finding a cure for this devastating disease, it seems fitting to share with you an excellent dementia research project produced by students from the University of Lincoln.

In partnership with Golf In Society, Lincoln Golf Centre and with the excellent support of our dementia golfers and their carers, this excellent piece of research has been produced by final year sport’s science students.

The report makes very interesting reading and is the first in a wave of planned research projects that will be conducted in partnership with the University of Lincoln. Each research project will produce even deeper and detailed findings about the health, social and community impact of  using sport as a meaningful intervention in dementia care.

The more evidence-based research we gather, the sooner we can use it to influence health & social care stakeholders to embrace pioneering interventions like ours..

Here’s the link to the full report… Hope you find it of interest.

Dementia Project Report


Dementia Action Every Week


It’s fantastic that the world is focussed this week on dementia action. Awareness will be raised, funds will be generated, our politicians will talk about their commitment to supporting families living with dementia. High profile celebrities diagnosed with dementia will be featured and hopefully make people realise that this terminal disease does not discriminate.

This is all great news for the week ahead.

However, what happens next week?  Yes, exactly. Families will immediately go back to the same struggles they had before Dementia Action Week.

Dementia is tearing families and communities apart right before our very eyes.

We spend billions on infrastructure projects, military weapons and public enquiries that go nowhere,  but yet we cannot afford to give people a dignified life and support their families through a disease that is far worse than cancer.

When did all these material things become more important than life itself?

We’ve just finished Mental Awareness Week when the focus was on reducing stress and increasing relaxation. We then go straight into Dementia Action Week.

When you reflect for a moment on the mental strain carers are under to cope with 24/7 dementia care, you can see why the two weeks are so closely linked.

The mental health of families trying to cope with dementia is being severely affected – but yet support remains tragically inadequate.

When will the penny finally drop that we need to start prioritising what really matters to the future of our communities – HAPPY & HEALTHY PEOPLE.

It doesn’t need to cost a fortune either! In fact, supporting micro-services who specialise in person-centred care can make the world of difference – at a fraction of the cost of existing services.

This means more families can be supported properly with the same budget!!

This is exactly why we will continue to support families to LIVE WELL WITH DEMENTIA EVERY WEEK.

It’s also wonderful to be part of  a “social movement” that is giving people the human right to continue enjoying their favourite things in life – even when dementia tries to get in the way.

For almost three years we’ve been supporting people to enjoy golf every week. In addition it’s given their families priceless time to recharge their batteries and do the things they want to do..

Our health care and political leaders will go back to their normal agenda next week – we’ll go back to ours too!  I know which one will have the most impact on families living with dementia!

So proud to be at the coal face of dementia support and making a real difference to people’s lives.. for us EVERY WEEK IS DEMENTIA ACTION WEEK.

Here’s a link to a short video that proves why our dementia support is so precious!!