Time To Deliver The Person-Centred Care Promise


When buying products and services, we all like to be treated as an individual whose custom is genuinely appreciated by the company we purchase from..

There’s no reason to expect any less when arranging care for our loved ones… but we do.

Person-centred care is considered by most health and social care stakeholders to be the best way to help our “Golden Generation” enjoy healthy ageing.

There are few that would disagree, especially as our elderly population continues to develop more complex health issues as they grow older.

There’s much rhetoric on the importance of person-centred care. However, the challenge remains on how best to deliver it. The main issue appears to be the lack of necessary resources – both human and financial. These issues will remain as existing services get stretched to breaking point as demand increases.

There are many well established health care organisations with excellent infrastructures, systems & procedures in place and experienced people running them. However, they do not have sufficient personalised care services within their portfolios to meet the needs of our ageing population.

At the same time an amazing range of micro-care services that put elderly people and their families at the heart of everything they do is emerging. Social Entrepreneurs are leading this movement and proving how person-centred care can be delivered and produce spectacular, cost-effective outcomes.

The biggest challenge facing Social Entrepreneurs is the lack of infrastructure, robust systems & procedures to support them in making their social dream a reality. They often work alone and have to manage all aspects of their enterprise. At times this can be overwhelming and can lead to the passion for their idea dwindling.

So here’s an idea…. Why don’t the giants of healthcare forge strong partnerships with emerging micro-services?

The results would be there for all to see…. a refreshing range of person centred care services, tailored to meet the needs of local communities, delivered by compassionate, professional people, supported by the infrastructure and resources of large care organisations. This would lead to more families being able to select the right care package for their loved ones.

This has got to be the way forward if we are genuinely serious about person-centred care.

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