Golfing Memories Survive The Ravages of Dementia

I visited Mike last week. He was one of my first clients to join us for the dementia golf days in Lincoln. Mike’s wife had to make the difficult decision to move him into full time care. The symptoms of his Parkinson’s & dementia became too challenging for him to live at home.

We kept my visit secret as we wanted to surprise Mike. When I arrived he was sat comfortably in the living room. Within a few moments he recognised me and we began catching up on golf, life and the universe. It was wonderful to see his face light up and to listen to his favourite golf tales once again.

I took Mike a golf ball with his initials on it – and a special message “To My Golfing Buddy”.

It was wonderful to know that the priceless moments we shared on the golf course had not been taken away by the ravages of dementia & Parkinson’s. It also proves how favourite memories can spark people back to life…

This is where the really inspirational part of the story begins.. This is the message I received the following day from Mike’s wife…

Dear Anthony

     Thank you for going to see Michael yesterday. I saw him today and he remembered your big smile and you giving him a special golf ball. Bit of a panic then because he couldn’t find it on his person. I said not to panic let’s look in your room. There it was in pride of place next to his bed. Bless you a little treasure for him, thanks.
      Must tell you this though. You must have triggered his golf captain days when he used to give a speech at the end of the dinners at various clubs. After his tea last night he pushed his chair back, stood up straight and said ” I would like to thank you all for coming today, the cook for a splendid meal and have a safe journey back.” He sat down to applause. Both the Manager and staff told me about this today and said how lovely and clearly spoken he was. The cook even came out and gave him now. So there’s a special moment via you.
      Take care of yourself and best regards to your family, don’t forget you are more than welcome to pop in here or to see Michael any time. I am hoping that in the summer we can get down to the golf club even if it’s for a coffee. Diane x

This shows that even when playing careers stop – special memories live long in the mind – not even dementia can take these priceless moments from us.

When the weather improves we’ll get Mike back to the place he loves – his local golf course…




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