Giving A Priceless Dementia Gift

Red christmas candlestick over holiday decorations on the table

This is a festive dementia story with a very happy ending….

“Dear Anthony
Just saying thank you really doesn’t come anywhere close to what you have done for us both today. To see Norman so animated and happy was fantastic and to have 2 hours to myself without worrying if he was OK was sheer luxury. His trophy is in pride of place on the mantelpiece and will have tinsel added for Christmas!!
He is looking forward to coming again in the New Year and has new golf shoes to look the part.
Have a wonderful Christmas.
With love and an enormous THANK YOU
Sometimes the shortest stories are the best ones, and the smallest gestures the most valuable – some would say priceless.
To all our followers, have an enjoyable, rewarding and relaxing festive season.
And finally, to all my fellow social entrepreneurs, keep the faith. You work is amazing!!!
every risk

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