Carers are the real heroes in Society

It's estimated that "informal" care contributes £119bn to the economy every year. It's of course worth much more than that if you add in the love, happiness and companionship carers bring into people's lives every day. My real concern is, who's caring for the carers? The emotional and physical strain put on carers is immense... Continue Reading →

Discover Your Happy Place

Have you ever looked around you recently to see how miserable everyone looks? Have you smiled at someone and received a puzzled or dismissive facial expression? Every day we witness people going through the monotony of daily life, expressionless, unhappy, stressed, in a hurry with no time for themselves - let alone others. Sometimes I think... Continue Reading →

A clear vision for happiness

Our aim is to make a positive contribution to the health & wellbeing of local communities through golf. Our approach is to make golf fun, enjoyable, rewarding and accessible to more people. We are passionate about providing people in disadvantaged, vulnerable and sensitive situations with the chance to get their lives back on track – we... Continue Reading →

Social care at breaking point

  Today there's likely to be more announcements on "welfare savings" from our political leaders. When you consider the strain already being placed on local authorities to support vulnerable people in our communities, it makes you wonder how we will care for them in the future. Physical and mental illness continues to rise, Dementia is... Continue Reading →

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