Social care at breaking point

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Today there’s likely to be more announcements on “welfare savings” from our political leaders. When you consider the strain already being placed on local authorities to support vulnerable people in our communities, it makes you wonder how we will care for them in the future. Physical and mental illness continues to rise, Dementia is affecting more people than ever and resources to tackle these issues are becoming increasingly inadequate.

The sooner we embrace the new wave of social enterprise services out there – the quicker we can start providing the quality care and support our communities need and deserve. The current social support framework is breaking apart at the seams. You only need to listen to the carers and medical professionals to understand the enormity of the pressure being placed on existing services. These are the people at the sharp end of social care who need our support. We cannot afford to lose them.

Let’s keep challenging our leaders to consider new, more effective ways of providing care in our communities.

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