Working with us to improve lives through golf

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With our communities facing so many social time bombs, it can become overwhelming when you start to consider how to address them. We take the view that only by creating strong and effective partnerships can we achieve our goals and ambitions.

There are so many stakeholders with a genuine interest in engineering social change. From health and social care professionals to community leaders – everyone wants to play their part – but how do you achieve it when it’s so complex?

We try and make things really simple – but highly effective. We focus on what we do best and let others do the same.

“The art of being a successful social enterprise is identifying a community issue and developing unique solution

Working with us provides stakeholders with “facilitators” for social change. We offer the expertise in creating “golfing experiences” that transform peoples lives. We can take people from the most lonely or vulnerable positions and give them renewed hope and purpose through golf.

If you are involved in delivering social change or encouraging healthy ageing and are interested in new services that help you achieve your goals, then we may have be able to help you on your journey.

We are currently developing services that help reduce loneliness, increase physical activity and provide mental stimulation through golf – as well providing community integration initiatives.

Why not get in touch to see if we can forge a “perfect partnership” that makes a real difference to peoples lives.

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golfinsociety (CIC)

Our vision is to improve the health and wellbeing of local communities by introducing them to wonderful world of golf.

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