Micro Social Enterprises Will Prevail


It’s really easy when you have a great idea to give up because of the obstacles you face. It can be disheartening, frustrating and depressing that people don’t share your vision or it takes so long to get it up and running.

The good news for social enterprise is that the traditional approaches to delivering social change and care are inadequate.

Our time is now.


My message is simple  – remain passionate, determined and resolute and eventually you will succeed. If people keep telling you “what a great idea” then you are on to something. Society needs our “entrepreneurial flair” to resolve the major issues facing communities. Our raison d’etre is to make a positive contribution to society by developing innovative products and services that transform lives.

We must keep challenging traditional approaches – don’t get me wrong there’s some great work being done out there in health & social care. However, services are creaking under the strain put on them by budget cuts and disillusioned carers.

This is where our entrepreneurial spirit can make a difference. Smarter, more customer-centric products and services delivered by compassionate and professional teams is the future of primary care. We are at the forefront of this, no matter what the industry professionals tell us.

Keep believing and you will prevail!!!

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