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In Life we take risks every day. How many of us have considered taking risks that contribute to a better life for others? Some of the most inspirational risk-takers do just that. They are commonly known as “Social Entrepreneurs”. They look for innovative, creative solutions to the problems facing society. They combine their business acumen and entrepreneurial flair with their passion and desire to make a positive contribution to Society.

Their inspiration is often born from personal tragedy and loss, leaving them asking “there has to be a better way”. They harness this frustration, desire and determination and use it to “fuel their creative fire” that burns within them.


They approach critical issues in a different way and look for new ways to resolve them. Whether it’s addressing an Ageing Population, Loneliness, Mental Health, Social Cohesion, Obesity or Dementia, there are hundreds of Social Entrepreneurs creating innovative products and services that will help tackle the “social time bombs” we face.

The biggest hurdle they face is getting their services adopted. It can be a long, tiresome and demoralising journey and many “give up” as many traditional stakeholders create too many barriers and hurdles that become insurmountable. In the private sector new ideas are “fast tracked” to market to maximise their potential. In the public and social sectors this approach is sadly lacking. The strange thing is that we need “early adoption” and “rapid scaling” more than ever if we are to address our critical social issues.

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We continually read that our Health & Social care services are stretched to breaking point and are not “fit for purpose”. They cannot cope with the existing demand society is placing on them, let alone the forecast increase. It’s a simple supply and demand scenario that we are not addressing quickly enough. That’s why it’s crucial we support Social Entrepreneurs who’s flair can help create a healthier society and happier communities.

These are the people who are leading the way in social change – taking risks on behalf of others – with a clear vision of improving people’s lives.

Now that’s what you call making a difference!

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