Carers Week 2022 at Golf in Society

This Carers Week is all about making caring visible, valued, and supported!

We believe unpaid carers are the unsung hero’s of society.

Full time caring is one of the most challenging roles anyone can fulfil in life. It’s 24/7 and “full-on” most of the time. Imagine if your job required you to work 7 days a week and 16 hour shifts?

This is exactly what we expect carers to do, which has got to be one of biggest human tragedies in a supposedly civilised society.

A group of unpaid cares relaxing, sat at a table eating sandwiches, scones and cakes. Smiling and supporting each other.
Supporting Unpaid carers

It’s estimated that unpaid carers save the state £140bn a year. Imagine if this bill was transferred to the government to pay?

However, that’s exactly the risk we’re taking as we ignore the stress created when providing full time care for a loved one.

Without the necessary breaks it starts to affect the carer’s physical and mental wellbeing.

That is why we co-design our service’s alongside our service user’s. So that we can provide Regular, Reliable, Respite time, while enhancing their support network.

Time to Relax for Unpaid Carers

Golf in Society and Empowering Health came together and joined forces to pilot a two day leisure break at Alfreton hall in Derbyshire, Supporting families living with Dementia.

The Carers enjoyed a well deserved rest, pampering, and wellness sessions. While their partners went out and enjoyed day’s filled with golf activities, walks, and bowling in the safe hands of the friendly Golf in Society staff.

The pilot was a massive success! Quotes like “It was great to feel like a normal couple again” prove that with the right people and facilities, families living with dementia can enjoy a restful vacation away from their normal day to day struggles.

Our tailored golf sessions provide respite for unpaid carers

‘It enabled me to go to work, and to leave him reassured that he was looked after and enjoying himself’

We are happy to be providing valuable support and respite time for unpaid carers across the UK, if you know someone who you think would benefit from our intervention and support, please contact us

One thought on “Carers Week 2022 at Golf in Society

  1. Thank you Golfing in Society for all the great work you do, to support me to care for my husband Ken who has Young Onset Dementia.
    Until you are in our position it is hard to understand, but you do, and it makes a massive difference.

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