More Proof Why Golf Is A Wonder Drug

Who would have know that golf is one of the new wonder drugs. It has the power to reduce chronic illness, improve healthy ageing, reduce loneliness, give people a sense of purpose and reduce the inactivity timebomb facing our nation.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of listening to the attached presentation by Dr William Bird from Intelligent Health. It was the most compelling and thought-provoking medical presentation I’ve ever witnessed. A wonder drug called FITERIX was introduced to us that has all the necessary ingredients to transform the health & wellbeing of our ageing popualtion.

During the presentation we all took part in a poll as to how much moderate exercise we had completed the day before. The audience of nearly 200 people were all asked to keep their hands up as Dr Bird kept increasing the number of hours achieved. Most people had their hand up at the 30 minute point. Half the people put their hand down at one hour. Only twenty people still had their hands up at the two hour mark. I was one of only six people left with their hands up as achieving more than three hours moderate exercise.

When asked to explain how I’d managed to fit so much exercise into my working day my reply was simple ” I play golf every day and support others to enjoy the game too”.

Here’s the link to Dr Bird’s full presentation. It’s the most compelling argumentation ever as to why GOLF FITERIX should be socially prescribed and made more accessible to families throughout the UK.