Happy National Carers Week

National Carers Week is the perfect time to celebrate the amazing love, compassion and commitment shown throughout the year by people caring for our ageing population.

Many of you will have heard harrowing stories of elderly people dying alone, sometimes not discovered for days.

Others out there will know of a family trying to cope with a loved one disappearing before their eyes as dementia takes its toll.

I could keep going  – but that’s enough pain for now.

Heres some good news – There’s an amazing army of carers out there right now making  a huge contribution to elderly peoples lives. Imaging where we would be without them?

So spare a thought this week for the carers in your local community helping our golden generation live happier, dignified and healthier lives.

The other good news is that there’s a new wave of social entrepreneurs out there dedicating themselves to developing & delivering person-centred care for our ageing population.

Their collective passion, drive, and commitment to creating better futures for the elderly, and their carers is truly inspirational.

Tomorrow, Golf In Society will provide another 12 hours of priceless respite care for a group of amazing ladies who we are so proud to be supporting.

Happy National Carers Week to you all. X










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