The Social Value of Golf


I find it incredible that more people don’t know how fantastic golf can be for your health and wellbeing.

Here’s a few facts;

  • You burn 900 calories in a round of golf
  • You twist, bend and stretch your body over 2000 times
  • You walk 3 miles
  • You make over 500 decisions
  • You speak to an average of 10 people
  • You socialise with at least 3 people

In summary this means that golfers benefit physically, mentally and socially every time they play.

As a society we are seeking new ways to encourage healthy ageing and increase social cohesion, surely golf has a major part to play in achieving this. The message needs to get out to more people and get them engaged with the game sooner rather than later.

However, a radical, dynamic and creative approach is required. Continuing to support successful initiatives is important, but embracing “new thinking” from outside the game is critical.

If you put a “social value” behind each benefit of playing golf, what do you think the total would be?

I think you’d be pretty amazed at the outcome.

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