Track record


We’ve come a long way since we started our social mission in 2015. It’s sometimes easy to forget what a difference you’ve made to the families you help when you’re so focused on making your social dream a reality.

Here’s our track record so far…

  • First ever dementia friendly golf club opened – Sept 2015
  • First ever Parkinson’s friendly golf club – April 2016
  • First ever Scottish dementia golf club – May 2018
  • Over 450 golf sessions successfully delivered
  • 40 “new-to- golf ” golfers recruited
  • 30 “Lost-to-golf” golfers playing once again
  • Over 1000 hours of golf enjoyed
  • 980 hours of respite support for carers
  • Over 900 volunteering hours
  • 30 golf volunteers recruited
  • 10 Community Golf Activators recruited & trained
  •  14,000 views to our website
  • Keynote presentation at First International Golf & Health Conference

As you can see we’ve been busy since we started back in 2015.

Like most social enterprises starting out, it’s been a roller-coaster ride and at times you seriously question whether you’re ever going to fulfil your social dream.


However, with a compelling track record of increasing physical, mental and social activity amongst people facing neurological and physical challenges we’ve now established our blueprint for scaling up our social mission.


The beauty is that everything in the blueprint has been developed with the people we support at the heart of it. Our customers have provided us with priceless feedback and been willing to get involved in co-designing all our services. For this we will be eternally grateful.



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