A Priceless Golfing Moment

Imagine hearing the words “sorry, I know you’ve enjoyed it, but I’m afraid your golfing days are over” This happens far too often when people are diagnosed with dementia or Parkinson’s disease.

Dealing with the fact you have an incurable illness must be hard enough, but to be then told that your favourite pastime can no longer be enjoyed must be totally devastating.

However, today provided a priceless example of how golf can play a huge part in sparking people back to life.

We help a golfer who endured the “double whammy” of a Parkinson’s diagnosis and the realisation that his golfing days were numbered.

As we were starting our golf session this afternoon he arrived and said “I’ve got something to show you”.

He then started to show me some photos and golfing mementos from a days golfing at Turnberry.  His grandson had decided to surprise him to a day out at one of the most spectacular courses in the world. He was overwhelmed with the gesture and had an amazing trip.


As he finished talking me through the day, he looked at me and started to cry.

The next bit will stay with me forever. He said “Thank you for giving me the chance and belief that I could still play golf – I thought my golfing days were over”

We then hugged each other and shared a tear.

To know that our golf days can have such a positive impact is both inspirational – and at times – very emotional.

Moments like this one today make us very proud of the work we do “keeping golfers golfing”, no matter what challenges they face in life.







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