The Unsung Heroes Of Society

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At last, the amazing and inspirational work being done in our communities by carers and volunteers has been recognised in The Queen’s Speech.

They are the unsung heroes of society as they strive to improve the lives of the disadvantaged and vulnerable in our communities.

Did you know that £119 billion of unpaid care is provided every year in the UK?

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The majority of it is provided by an ageing population, who are often in need of care & support themselves.

The crisis in adult care would already be one of the most tragic social disasters ever witnessed without them!

Christmas is the time of year when we spend with our family and dearest friends to show how much we appreciate their love, kindness and support – wouldn’t it be great if more days in the year were like Christmas!


To carers, community leaders and volunteers, most days are like Christmas day. They dedicate their lives to giving the priceless gifts of love, compassion and companionship to the vulnerable and disadvantaged in our neighbourhoods.


Therefore Christmas is the perfect time to take a moment and reflect on the unconditional love, care and compassion they provide in our communities throughout the year.

And finally, raise a glass this festive season to the unsung social heroes of adult care in your community.



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Their inspiration is often born from personal tragedy and loss, leaving them asking “there has to be a better way”. They harness this frustration, desire and determination and use it to “fuel their creative fire” that burns within them.


They approach critical issues in a different way and look for new ways to resolve them. Whether it’s addressing an Ageing Population, Loneliness, Mental Health, Social Cohesion, Obesity or Dementia, there are hundreds of Social Entrepreneurs creating innovative products and services…

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