Who’s Caring For The Carers

When talking about the future of adult care we must include “caring for the carer” – They need help & support too.

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It’s estimated that unpaid carers save the state £119bn a year. Imagine if this bill was transferred to the government to pay? However, that’s exactly the risk we’re taking as we ignore the stress created when providing full time care for a loved one. Without the necessary breaks it starts to affect the carer’s physical and mental wellbeing.

When talking to carers I often hear “I’ve reached breaking point”  ” I can’t cope anymore”  “Please help” “I don’t know which way to turn”. These cries for help are echoed throughout the land as support networks for carers diminish – some vanishing forever.

Don’t get me wrong – there’s some excellent people out there providing amazing support for carers – but there’s not enough to make the long-lasting, meaningful difference to their lives.

Full time caring is one of the most challenging roles anyone can fulfil in life. It’s 24/7 and “full-on” most of the time…

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