Combined Care Plans For Our Golden Generation

On a day when the news headlines are about the crisis in adult care, I’ve decided to re-post my blog about Combined Care Plans (CCP’s).
Whilst the current situation looks bleak for adult social care, there are many ways it can be improved.
Let’s have the open, honest discussion about the future of adult care and look to embrace the innovative, person-centred services already out there that already improving lives.


As a caregiver I get an intimate insight into the challenges facing our ageing population. Each day I witness heroic gestures of love and support between couples who have spent a lifetime together.

As they continue to enjoy their golden years together they often need additional support to help them through illness, frailty and bereavement. It’s a genuine pleasure to be able to step in and help out, knowing your kindness and support is truly appreciated.

However, there’s a huge number of elderly people out there not getting the support they desperately need. The reasons are numerous but the answer is surprisingly straight forward.

Combined Care Plans (CCP’s) that includes health, social and respite care for elderly people and their families has got to be the way forward. Taking this holistic approach means that you can tailor the support to meet the needs of everyone requiring help.

If you take an example of an elderly lady living with…

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