“Dementia Atlas” Launch Helps Put Golf In Society On The “Dementia Map”


As the government launched its “dementia atlas” today, most of the media channels have been covering dementia in their features. Some of the stories are devastating – but sadly – too common. It’s tragic that dementia care provision is so erratic across the UK. Days like today are very important in raising awareness about living with dementia – as long as we listen to, learn from and respond to, the challenges facing dementia carers.

Until you have lived with, and lost a loved one to dementia – you cannot truly understand how traumatic it can be. As a dementia carer you “step into” and “step out of” peoples lives – which is far easier than the devastation of seeing your partner slowly “disappear” before your very eyes.

However, when you “step into their lives” it’s amazing the positive impact you can have – not only on the person with dementia – but their carer too. As dementia care providers, we should not underestimate the difference we make – for some families it’s priceless support in times of desperation.

At Golf In Society we “step in and out” of people’s lives – but whilst we’re in there we do something very special indeed.

The feature on Radio 4 today will help put Golf In Society on the “dementia care map” for more families desperate for support.

Have a listen to the link below to hear the difference we’re making to people’s lives in Lincolnshire.

http://bbc.in/2b8WeB0    (31mins 50 seconds into the programme)




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