Golf Days Out For Families Living With Dementia Proving Priceless


Yesterday once again demonstrated what a positive contribution golf can make to the quality of life enjoyed by families living with dementia.

Not only did our dementia clients play some fantastic golf, their carers enjoyed some priceless respite, allowing them to recharge their batteries and get ready to give their loved ones the care and support they need.

Seeing a team of three guys, all with different types of dementia, get three birdies in nine holes was the highlight of the day. Seeing them enjoy the sport, competition, camaraderie as well as hearing them reminisce about their favourite golfers and golfing memories was priceless.

Being able to hand them back to their loved ones energised, smiling and full of great memories of their day is what make our work priceless.

The sessions are unique as they combine physical, mental and social stimulation with priceless respite support for carers.

We’re always thrilled to see how much people living with dementia are capable of achieving when they’re given the right support to spark them back to life.

In Dementia Awareness Week we’re thrilled to be playing a part in raising awareness about this devastating disease and promoting the importance of combining person-centred care with much-needed respite for carers.

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