Elderly Carers On The Increase

As it’s National Carers Week I thought it would be good to remind you of some of the recent articles written on this page.

It came as no surprise that  Age UK announced today that there’s been a 40% increase in carers aged 80+. It’s also no surprise that they’re desperate for help and support as the demands of providing 24/7 care take there toll.

help the elderly

For those of you that read our blog this week about the importance of providing  “Combined Care Plans (CCP’s)” for our golden generation, you’ll realise that we’re already playing our part in addressing this social tragedy facing our golden generation.

Unpaid care, provided by people who should be enjoying their golden years, saves the state £5.9bn per year.

In a supposedly civilised society, expecting people in their 80’s to provide full-time, often complex care for their loved ones, without adequate support needs to end.

As our population continues to grow and age, it’s clear that the problem of caring for our golden generation will not go away.

Having support networks and services in place for our ageing population, like ours at Golf In Society, can help banish this growing social tragedy to the “Victorian Age” where it belongs.

Join us in providing and campaigning for the support our golden generation so richly deserve.

It will transform their lives – and yours too.




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