Golf In Society Extends Pilot To Help People With Parkinson’s


One in Five Hundred people are living with Parkinson’s Disease in the UK.

The key to “living well” with the disease is to keep physically active, mentally stimulated and socially engaged.

Maintaining muscle strength, flexibility and balance are the key “physical ingredients” of remaining healthy. Stimulating cognitive activity and developing strong social networks are other important aspects of “living well for longer” with Parkinson’s.

Caring for people with Parkinson’s, providing support for their loved ones and witnessing the challenges they face, has provided an intimate insight into how the disease affects people’s lives.

Following the success of the dementia golf pilot in Lincoln, it became apparent that the “world of golf” could offer a similar lifeline to families living with Parkinson’s. It became clear that it was the perfect way to extend the service and prove how it could be adapted to address other health issues facing our ageing population.

With the fantastic support of Rudding Park Golf Club and a group of inspirational people living with Parkinson’s, the first “Parkinson’s Golf Day” will take place on April 13th at the Repton Golf Academy, Rudding Park.

Rudding Poster

It’s the perfect venue as it offers the chance to enjoy golf, relax and socialise in beautiful natural surroundings.

The aim is to host regular sessions that improve the health and wellbeing of people with Parkinson’s, and, as importantly, provide the priceless respite care their loved ones deserve and desperately need.

It’s worked for families living with dementia – It’s now time to show how it can work for families living with Parkinson’s.







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