Our ethos is simple – We aim to keep people “living well for longer” by introducing them to the wonderful world of golf. Our mantra is clear – Life is better when you’… Source: Ethos

Golf In Society Extends Pilot To Help People With Parkinson’s

One in Five Hundred people are living with Parkinson's Disease in the UK. The key to "living well" with the disease is to keep physically active, mentally stimulated and socially engaged. Maintaining muscle strength, flexibility and balance are the key "physical ingredients" of remaining healthy. Stimulating cognitive activity and developing strong social networks are other important aspects of "living... Continue Reading →

Dementia Golf Proving A Hit In Lincoln

Trying to explain the difference you make to families living with dementia is not always straight forward. That's why we were thrilled with the BBC Radio feature yesterday that explained perfectly "what we do" when providing Dementia Golf Days at Lincoln Golf Centre. The feedback from everyone interviewed, especially the loved ones was amazing and made us very proud -... Continue Reading →

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