Time To Deliver On The Social Care Promise We Made To Our Golden Generation

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A journey into the world of social enterprise begins with lots of research and hours of reading  publications, reports, studies, policy documents, legislation, mission statements and pledges on stakeholder websites outlining their commitments to an ageing population.

It’s refreshing to know there are so many health and social care stakeholders involved in developing better support structures for our “Golden Generation”. Here’s a few of the pledges made recently;

There’s no excuse for poor health care” … Norman Lamb (Former Health Minister)

“A society where kindness, care and dignity takes precedence over structures and systems”  Care Act 2012

“The wellbeing and quality of life of people with dementia and their families should be uppermost in the minds of those commissioning and providing services”  Care Act 2012

“Improving the dementia journey” Lincolnshire CC

Compel commissioners to consider wider social value when deciding on services” Public services (Social Value) Act 2012.

Worthy and commendable words. So why are we struggling to deliver these pledges, promises and commitments to the elderly?

Why are we allowing our “Golden Generation” to live in lonely, vulnerable and socially isolated environments?

Why do we tolerate care being delivered in fifteen minute packages?

The promises seem a million miles away from reality of social care being provided for the elderly.

Until we create an environment where person-centred care services can be delivered by compassionate, well-motivated people, we will continue to fail our ageing population and their families.

It’s heart breaking to witness the despair, isolation and helplessness elderly people and their loved ones face every day. That’s why we’re committed to delivering unique, personalised care programmes that improve the health & wellbeing of elderly people – and just as importantly, their loved ones.

Now is the perfect time for health & social care stakeholders to embrace the positive social impact micro, primary care services like ours are producing. In reality it’s the only way we will achieve our shared ambition of having better integrated, personalised care for our ageing population…

In the meantime we’ll carry on delivering over £1000 of social capital every time we meet up with our “golfing buddies” and their families. Providing the compelling evidence is the only way to change attitudes and approaches to how we deliver care for our Golden Generation.






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