Time To Deliver On The Social Care Promise We Made To Our Golden Generation

A journey into the world of social enterprise begins with lots of research and hours of reading  publications, reports, studies, policy documents, legislation, mission statements and pledges on stakeholder websites outlining their commitments to an ageing population. It's refreshing to know there are so many health and social care stakeholders involved in developing better support structures for our "Golden Generation". Here's a few of the pledges... Continue Reading →

Compelling Social Outcomes Generated by Golf In Society

Improving the lives of less fortunate people in society is the most rewarding and inspirational thing anyone can do. Being able to make a positive contribution by just "being yourself" whilst "playing a game you love" with people who genuinely appreciate your friendship, compassion and support has got to be the best job out there. When I began in September with my vision to improve people's lives by introducing... Continue Reading →

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